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Alice Pooper

@Eva, where is beings my dinners? I give paw, you give dinners. Is good deal?

Your sofa blockings powers are no match for my snoozy desires, puny humans.

Running through the snow & ice in 0°C temperature, all of the awesomes.

Shame about the rain, where did all my lovely snows go?

SNOW! Walkies in the snow! YAY!

Let's go wallies. W-A-L-K-I-E-S-!

Water & milk cocktail hand delivered to the sofa? Most excellents!

It's Friday, it's's time!

One was served a most excellent selection of biccies. They even provided a drink for my human, how sweet of them.

Back in the Allison Arms. They really know how to spoil their 4 legged customers.

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