Today @iggy, @jason and @Eva went to Mugdock country park.
We got to run around, play in mud and water.
It was all of the awesomes.

Jeff Goldblum is (almost) me in the move "Isle of Dogs".
I bet the (almost) me is like super-awseome and everything.

We are beings in Linen 1906, Glasgow and the wondrous humans brought @iggy and I pulled pork.
They are all of the awesomes here.

Meltings! I am all of the meetings!

We live in Nottinghamshire, but now it brings Hottinghamshire.

Turn the heatings down, sillies humans.

This is one of my favouritest photos from yesterday. The camera just loves me, darlings!

(Original by Jay, )

This is my new bestest fur buddy "Marshal" and I in the "Totally Tapped", Beeston

Houses rule: If not gettings the good bed, you can havings the sofa.

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