Sourdough update:

Putting sour belgian beer into the flour and water mixture has made it extremely lively and actually very sour (huzzah)

I now have about 700g of starter (mistakes were made)

Seeking #recipes for #sourdough everything. Sough dough cinnamon rolls. Sourdough pancakes. Sourdough veggie burgers. Everything!


@celesteh I used yeast washed from a Woodforde's Wheery brew (a British Bitter) the other day to make flammkuchen. It was ace!
Beer - more than just a drink.


1. 320ml washed yeast/sourdough starter + water
2. 500g flour, Olive oil, 7g salt
3. Knead until smooth
4. Rest overnight in greased bowl, covered with damp cloth.
1. Creme fresh + chopped onion + bacon/pancetta cubes + pinch nutmeg.
2. Non-traditional - anything else you want!
The flammkuchen:
1. Split dough into portions
2. Knead again, rest ~30 mins
3. Make thin base from portion
4. Add topping
5. Cook as pizza
(Cast iron pan, then finished under grill works well)

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Is that 320ml of starter or something I need to google?

This looks great.

@celesteh that's your starter + enough water to make 320ml.
You'll have to make a judgement call on how much starter, each on is different.
Also flour is different, water is different. So you might find your measurements are a bit different.

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