Glasgow geography can sometimes be complicated.
Disclaimer: hill in question might actually be in East Renfrewshire.

Looks like one bottle of the oaked cider homebrew had an overpressure event.
Not as bad as the Great Ginger Beer Massacre of 2020.

This was pretty awesome. Rich and creamy without being overpowering, despite the strong coffee flavours. If you see it, give it a try.

Have just made Tudor-style Buttered Beer following the recipe linked below. Think liquid beer cake. Very interesting and definitely a worthwhile experiment.

I used Moorland's "Old Speckled Hen" as the base beer ("British ale" is an incredibly loose term).

Total nostalgia.
Elite Executive Edition running on a B+, RasPi emulating a 6502 co-pro and disc images being read from a microSD card.

Trying to make cedar planked salmon for the first time.

What have we managed to grow?
A Buttberry?
A Strawbutt?

And now we have the mighty, mighty Dan Lynch on stage with two of the Kernel Panics.

A slight case of over carbonation. No damage done a cloth can't soak up and the brewery are replacing all the cans without quibble.

"Goldfinch" by "Black Isle". A light and sharp IPA that should cut through tonight's dinner of potatoes, sauerkraut and Leberkäse.

"Baron Rojo" Red Ale by "Birra and Blues" from Valencia in Spain.
Rather nice. Sort of like a malty lager, could image it going rather well with rabbit or similar.

AWS/Intel apparently used this advert on Reddit recently.

We spend the evening with Sugarsnap chocolates and Omnipollo Imperial stouts. A rather winning combination.

this morning from Queens Park flagpole again, looking Nirth towards the city.

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