And so it begins, packing everything up to move to a new place. Big issue is Internet, 24/2 is apparently "superfast"...not on my planet. I get 80/20 now with standard FTTC (I'm lucky to live near the cabinet and the exchange).

Pro-tip: Internet is a basic utility, always check before moving (FTTP is coming, 100/100 and higher will "only" take ~7 years).

Work today was a hard fought victory against Traefik (you *WILL* route your dashboard to a customer URL!).
Home time was an unexpected attack by a MariaDB outage and a certbot upgrade taking all the SSL down.
But in the immortal words of the great philosopher Stewie: Victory is mine!
Even got a few snazzy DNS updates done. Nice!

@Gargron turn that frown upside down!


Great, now it looks like a horned demon in the dark.

Pain (n) : The experience of trying to get an insurance quote on-line.

Agony (n) : What one feels when trying to update an insurance quote on a website that doesn't have property tested session management and ALWAYS timesout when you try to save.


this morning from Queens Park flagpole again, looking Nirth towards the city.

this morning from Queens Park flagpole, looking East towards Cathkin Braes.

@theoutrider @tom ah. If dpkg is up the spout then....err....reimage?

@theoutrider @tom dpkg? Although I always found "aptitude* a great help when "apt" (not to be confused with "apt-get") what the bed.
"aptitude" doesn't rely directly on "apt" data, do will form its own opinions; super useful.

@MirceaKitsune how very DARE this person give me the ability to speak freely!!1!!

(Americans: that's irony)

(Americans: that was sarcasm)

@Gargron sleep, my unmet friend. Your problems now will still be your problems tomorrow, but so much smaller with a clear head.

Or party until your nipples pop off.

Whichever works for you.

@Gargron camomile always knocked me out before a race. If you can get some (and aren't allergic to it) give it a try.

@MirceaKitsune @Gargron I have read this entire thread and am utterly confused. Who did what to whom and why?

My only beef with Gargron is that they make my adequacy look inferior. That's my problem, not theirs.

Also, what do I do with this giant carrot slicer Amazon just delivered?

I used to be a member of Nottinghack when I lived down there. Great place. I'd say a Hackspace is an asset to any community

Hackspace Tour - Computerphile

Top-tip: watch using NewPipe.

Rabbie Burns night the night. Get some haggis, neeps and tatties doon yer gob.

Maybe wash it doon with a wee dram of the good stuff. Easy to spot, it's any that disnae have an 'e' in it!

This foetid tripe got dropped through the letterbox today. Baseless propaganda from a multimillionaire hoping for the UK to crash just so people will drink more and he can make more.
Really wish there was more I could do than just rant online. Complain to the ASA? Report it for causing distress? Dunno.

Oh, and pox upon CAMRA for associating with them and tacitly promoting harm on the UK.

Excitement (noun): the ironic form of "dread", often felt by system operators when half the HDDs go "Bye-bye" part way through kernel updates for no apparent reason, leading to multiple VMs going off-line.

Clench (verb): what multiple bodily sphincters do as the BIOS us checked for disc presence and kernel images reinstalled in an attempt to recover the VMs.

Back-up (verb): what is done before anything else goes wrong.

@KT my partner told me about a colleague who was over from the USA. Due how drink rounds were working, their colleague ended up with two drinks.
In the middle of a Scottish pub they proclaimed, "I'm double fisting!"
Cue total silence and lots of heads turning.

New 50p coin, get yours for 40p, worth 30p...

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