Have just made Tudor-style Buttered Beer following the recipe linked below. Think liquid beer cake. Very interesting and definitely a worthwhile experiment.

I used Moorland's "Old Speckled Hen" as the base beer ("British ale" is an incredibly loose term).


Total nostalgia.
Elite Executive Edition running on a B+, RasPi emulating a 6502 co-pro and disc images being read from a microSD card.

@hackerfantastic one day this will be true. We have smart fridges already, your yoghurt is under threat from the h4x0rz!

@remotenemesis if you like Stonehenge, then Avebury will blow your mind. It's so big there is a village *inside* the stone circle.

@wim_v12e you had me right up until "mildly spicy". If the sauce isn't dissolving the flatware then it's not strong enough!

Trying to make cedar planked salmon for the first time.

@alice 8 more weeks girl, then we're sure your knee has healed.

What have we managed to grow?
A Buttberry?
A Strawbutt?

@celesteh that's your starter + enough water to make 320ml.
You'll have to make a judgement call on how much starter, each on is different.
Also flour is different, water is different. So you might find your measurements are a bit different.

1. 320ml washed yeast/sourdough starter + water
2. 500g flour, Olive oil, 7g salt
3. Knead until smooth
4. Rest overnight in greased bowl, covered with damp cloth.
1. Creme fresh + chopped onion + bacon/pancetta cubes + pinch nutmeg.
2. Non-traditional - anything else you want!
The flammkuchen:
1. Split dough into portions
2. Knead again, rest ~30 mins
3. Make thin base from portion
4. Add topping
5. Cook as pizza
(Cast iron pan, then finished under grill works well)

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OK, more fiddling ensues. Drives are swapped, backups taken etc.
Hopefully at some point I can get this show back on the road.
Been brewing beer and all sorts!

And now we have the mighty, mighty Dan Lynch on stage with two of the Kernel Panics.

/dev/null and the Kernel Panics at Oggcamp19

This is a thing: openbenches.org/

Just take a geotagged picture of the bench and they will (pretty much) do the rest.

They don't have any of the benches near me, so challenge accepted.

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