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Check out the #Plasma tutorial for power users in Linux Magazine issue 218. Available at your local newsstand or online at linuxpromagazine.com/

Tories found in contempt of parliament. Get it right up ye, you poverty punishing shitebags.

WTF? Are Russian manholes spring-loaded?

@sullybiker a bit, probably. But AIUI the dashcams are needed due to insurance scammers and police taking bribes etc. Oh, and all the bad drivers!

Current obsession: watching videos of bad driving.

Someone really needs to write "Russian Driving Simulator" what the AI is blind, drunk, insane, suicidal or all four. Goal? Get home alive.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Just taken our seats to see "A Perfect Circle". sold out gig, plenty of people to help eat the elephant.
(Don't panic. that's the name of their new album).

@iggy managed to open a huge tub of dried white bait a d was having himself a sneaky supper in the kitchen.
Not sure whether to be angry or impressed.

This is literally liquid butterscotch. Totally amazing. "Dark City" by Northern Monk et al.

Oh, and if you haven't seen the film "Dark City", go watch it. Now.

@Gargron try living here. Absolute shitshow. C'mon independence and joining the EU as a free Scotland.

The Guardian is on firm here:

Schadenfuck A term soon to be adopted by remainers to describe their feelings when confronted with the ongoing Brexit car crash – an unusual combination of complete vindication and absolute abject horror (coined by the educationalist Sam Freedman).

@micahflee I'd rather not, might catch something.

Irony: Dry weather optimised bicycle chain lube being sold in Scotland.

@popey well...that broke the tension. Boooorrrrrriiiiiing!
But sensible.
Better than quite a few companies I could (but won't) mention.

@codl reminded me of this:

Best said in a Scots accent.

@theoutrider @pupy don't mind me, just bulk ordering popcorn.

Dis gonna be good.

@popey but you can restore from backups, right? Right.

Which you have tested, right? Right.

Just witnessed whilst walking the dogs: a cyclist riding past a group of folks just hanging out and then throwing an egg at them.

The cyclist missed, but the group didn't.

Top-tip: when doing such a "prank" make sure you can out-pedal the fastest sprinter in the group, or things will end badly for you.

@Gargron well now...that's kinda swanky. Good stuff!