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Much mirth and amusement in and communities just now, for there is
And then

@Gargron this is what happens when a guitar gets it on with an accordion in the second-hand clock shop.
That's how genetics works, right? 🙂

@Gargron that was a very refreshing vid. Here's me thinking I'm a grumpy old man, turns out I'm just keepin' it real.
I don't need to affirm myself after a hard run with @iggy or @alice I know we had fun.
I couldn't care less what anyone else thinks
As an aside, many years ago I used to work in London. I never really did the "big night out" thing, but the sheer number of people playing at being rich when they had *nothing* depressed me.
I refused to play that game.
As in meat-space, so in cyber.

@Gargron I thought uMatrix dealt with the dynamic load? Seems to on other sites.

I am not saying anything is wrong just "Huh weird"

@Gargron now tha's interesting.

The YT embed is blocked by uMatrix but doesn't appear in the list to let me enable it.

How peculiar.

Ways to not spend your evening:
Traipsing through a dark park looking for a random lost dog (not mine!) and approaching people to ask if they've seen it.

Ways to not spend you evening:
Walking through a dark park and being approached by a rather larger than average person with a portable sun taking out your night vision.

Yeah, sorry about that.

Never did find the wee sod, hope they found their home OK.

AWS/Intel apparently used this advert on Reddit recently.

Moving home is like living in a "SIDRAT", a reverse TARDIS. With all the boxes it's smaller on the inside than on the outside.

A quick wireless scan shows that we're the only people around here with a customised SSID. Am I the only geek on the street?
Oh gods.
The neighbours will keep asking me to fix their PCs and I barely know Windows any more!

Aaaaand we're back. Minor glitch with DynDNS picking up the local upstream LAN IP rather than the WAN IP but it's all working now.
Messy cables abound. Need clearance to knock holes in walls to pull cables to resolve that.

We spend the evening with Sugarsnap chocolates and Omnipollo Imperial stouts. A rather winning combination.

And so it begins, packing everything up to move to a new place. Big issue is Internet, 24/2 is apparently "superfast"...not on my planet. I get 80/20 now with standard FTTC (I'm lucky to live near the cabinet and the exchange).

Pro-tip: Internet is a basic utility, always check before moving (FTTP is coming, 100/100 and higher will "only" take ~7 years).

Work today was a hard fought victory against Traefik (you *WILL* route your dashboard to a customer URL!).
Home time was an unexpected attack by a MariaDB outage and a certbot upgrade taking all the SSL down.
But in the immortal words of the great philosopher Stewie: Victory is mine!
Even got a few snazzy DNS updates done. Nice!

@Gargron turn that frown upside down!


Great, now it looks like a horned demon in the dark.

Pain (n) : The experience of trying to get an insurance quote on-line.

Agony (n) : What one feels when trying to update an insurance quote on a website that doesn't have property tested session management and ALWAYS timesout when you try to save.


this morning from Queens Park flagpole again, looking Nirth towards the city.

this morning from Queens Park flagpole, looking East towards Cathkin Braes.

@theoutrider @tom ah. If dpkg is up the spout then....err....reimage?

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