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What have we managed to grow?
A Buttberry?
A Strawbutt?

@celesteh that's your starter + enough water to make 320ml.
You'll have to make a judgement call on how much starter, each on is different.
Also flour is different, water is different. So you might find your measurements are a bit different.

1. 320ml washed yeast/sourdough starter + water
2. 500g flour, Olive oil, 7g salt
3. Knead until smooth
4. Rest overnight in greased bowl, covered with damp cloth.
1. Creme fresh + chopped onion + bacon/pancetta cubes + pinch nutmeg.
2. Non-traditional - anything else you want!
The flammkuchen:
1. Split dough into portions
2. Knead again, rest ~30 mins
3. Make thin base from portion
4. Add topping
5. Cook as pizza
(Cast iron pan, then finished under grill works well)


@celesteh I used yeast washed from a Woodforde's Wheery brew (a British Bitter) the other day to make flammkuchen. It was ace!
Beer - more than just a drink.

OK, more fiddling ensues. Drives are swapped, backups taken etc.
Hopefully at some point I can get this show back on the road.
Been brewing beer and all sorts!

And now we have the mighty, mighty Dan Lynch on stage with two of the Kernel Panics.

This is a thing:

Just take a geotagged picture of the bench and they will (pretty much) do the rest.

They don't have any of the benches near me, so challenge accepted.

The homophobic chicken joint (+) I think it's way people are getting fucked that upsets them.

Rather pleased to see them getting kicked out.

Deep breath now...
Deeper, use that diaphragm...
Pack the air...


You may now faint.

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All peaceful here. Not sure why so many police all of a sudden? #StopTheCoup

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When Java is your hammer, everything looks like a NailInstanceFactoryImpl.

(...and the hammers come from a AbstractHammerBuilderFactory)

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Competing chants: 'save our democracy / stop the coup' have merged into call and response.

A slight case of over carbonation. No damage done a cloth can't soak up and the brewery are replacing all the cans without quibble.

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