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Having this now. Really rich and stouty. No, wait, really sharky. It's all teeth. Fantastic!

Supermarkets use the £1/1€ deposit locks to ensure you will return the trolley.
They also give out free "trolley coins" which are of no value.
So they are spending money on the locks and then on bypassing their own locks.
It makes no sense.

Arrived at the source.
Drygate Brewery tap, Glasgow, Scotland.

Wander Beyond Brewing, "Bloom", Imperial Black Ice-cream IPA.
This stuff is AMAZING. Like liquid Black Forest Gateaux.

Aaaaannnnd, we're back.
Server survived the move. Huzzah!

Just got soaked to the skin walking @iggy and @alice, get changed, into the office where it is *already* 26°C @ 0820.


"Iron Sky" is in horrorchannel. Watch it now!

Question: why does horrorchannel show sci-fi but SyFy shows horror (e.g. Buffy)?
I have never understood that.

Ta-dah! Lamb burger with mint dressing, red cabbage salad, roasted vegetables & roasted red scallions.

Is this allowed? A lovely cider, rich in flavour.

Why buy pricey BBQ gloves? Welder's gauntlets are cheap (£3-£5) and totally awesome!

Black Iris - Cosmic Cream.

It's going great with the BBQ!

A healthy BBQ? It has been known, but no need to panic; the lamb burgers are on their way.

it's about 28°C here and where does @alice (a Siberian Husky) lie?

• The cool indoors? No.
• Under the shade of a tree? No.
• Hot patio in the direct sun? Yes!

Weird creature.

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